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Upcoming Conventions and Events in the Pup Zone

For more see: ICG Mega Convention List


RocCon! 2014 (Sci-Fi, comics, anime)
To be held September 19-21, 2014
Rochester, NY

CampAnime (anime, camp activities)
To be held September 19-21, 2014
Woodstock Valley, CT

Steampunk unLimited (steampunk train ride, food, music)
To be held September 26-28, 2014
Strasburg Railway
Strasburg, PA

New York Renaissance Faire
To be held August 2 - September 21, 2014
Tuxedo Park, NY

2014 Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park
To be held Sunday September 28, 2014 from 11:30 am to 6 pm.
Ft. Tyron Park NYC, NY
One day, $2 voluntary donation and the Cloister Museum is located there too!

Monster-Mania Con 29 (horror, media)
To be held October 3-5, 2014
Hunt Valley, MD

Anime USA (anime)
To be held October 3-5, 2014
Washington, DC

NYC Comic Con
October 9-12, 2014
Jacob K. Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street, NYC

Capclave 2014
October 10-12, 2014
Gaithersburg, Maryland

International Steampunk City
October 11-12, 2014
Speedwell Village
Morristown, NJ

NYC Collectible Paperback and Pulp Fiction Expo 2014 (books, pulp mags)
October ??, 2014

Anachronism NYC/Goblin Market (one-day Steampunk, performers)
October 14, 2014
225 East Houston St, NYC, NY

Another Anime Convention (anime)
October 17-19, 2014
Manchester, NH

October 24-26, 2014
Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany, N.J.

Eyecon - Vampire Diaries (media, autographs, games, Halloween party)
To be held >October 31 - November 2, 2014
Atlanta, GA

CONjuration Con (all kinds of Magic themed books, movies and TV show fandoms)
To be held >October 31 - November 2, 2014
Atlanta, GA

Pulp AdventureCon (one day, pulp fiction, vintage paperbacks, movie collectibles)
To be held November 1, 2014
Bordentown, NJ

Metatopia 2014 (game design & pub)
To be held November 6-9, 2014
Morristown, NJ

World Fantasy Convention (literary)
To be held November 6-9, 2014
Arlington, VA

Nekocon 17 (anime)
To be held November 7-9, 2014
Hampton Roads, VA

FaerieCon East 2014
To be held November 7-9, 2014
Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley, MD

Long Island's Doctor Who Convention (Dr. Who)
To be held November 7-9, 2014
Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY

Albany Comic-Con (comics, costume contest)
To be held November 9, 2014
Albany, NY

Nerdacon (anime, gaming, LARP, Costuming)
To be held November 14-15, 2014
Columbus, GA

AtomaCon (media arts: makup/props/costuming/film/etc, science, literature, gaming, media)
To be held November 14-16, 2014
North Charleston, SC
Rob and Sandy are running the masquerade!

SFContario 5
To be held November 14-16, 2014
Toronto, ON, Canada

Philcon 2014
To be held November 21-23, 2014
Crown Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ
This is a Pups' Home Town Convention!!!

Animaine (anime)
To be held November 21-23, 2014
South Portland, ME

Boston Super Megafest (media, comics, music)
To be held November 22-23, 2014
Framingham, MA

ChessieCon 2014 (by TSFS of DarkoverCon)
To be held November 28-30, 2014
Timonium, Maryland

Reversed Polarity (Dr. Who)
To be held November ??, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Smofcon 32 (convention running)
To be held December 5-7, 2014
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Derpy 2014 (anime, gaming, cosplay)
To be held December 5-7, 2014
Morristown, NJ

Steel City Con 2014 (toys, comics)
To be held December 5-7, 2014
Monroeville, PA

Steel City Con 2015 (media, toys, comics)
To be held December 5-7, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA

New York Comic Book Marketplace (one-day, comics, media, costuming, cosplay, gaming) Facebook
To be held December 6-7, 2014


KotoriCon (anime)
To be held January 9 - 10, 2015
Sewell, NJ

GAFilk 2015 (filk)
To be held January 9 - 11, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Arisia '15
To be held January 16-19, 2015
Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston MA

MarsCon 2015 (Virginia)
To be held January 16 - 18, 2015
Williamsburg, VA

G-Anime (anime)
To be held January 23 - 25, 2015
Palais de Congres, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Setsucon (anime)
To be held January 24 - 25, 2015
State College, PA

TempleCon 2015 (steampunk, gaming, more)
To be held February 5-8, 2015
Warwick, RI

To be held February 13-15, 2015
Timonium, MD

Boskone 52 (literary, gaming, filk)
To be held February 13-15, 2015
Boston, MA

Katsucon 2015 (anime, cosplay)
To be held February 13-15, 2015
National Harbor, MD

Dreamation 2015 (Gaming, LARP)
To be held February 19-22, 2015
Morristown, NJ

TotalCon 29 (gaming, minitures, costuming welcomed)
To be held February 19-22, 2015
Mansfield, MA

Wicked Faire (Adultish +16yrs, Renfair, music)
To be held February 20-22, 2015
Somerset, NJ

AnachroCon 2015 (steampunk)
To be held February 27 - March 1, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Cardboard*Con 2015 (one-day cardboard costuming)
To be held March 7, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Zenkaikon 2015
To be held March 27-29, 2015
Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster, PA

Castle Point Anime Convention (one day anime)
To be held March 29, 2015
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ

Monster-Mania Con 30 (horror, media)
To be held March ??, 2015
Cherry Hill, NJ

Lunacon 2015
To be held March ??, 2015
Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook NY
This is a Pups' Home Town Convention!!!

Jaycon 6 (anime, cosplay)
To be held March ??, 2015
Elizabethtown, PA

LI-Con 2015
To be held March ??, 2015
Rockville Centre, Nassau County, NY

??MangaNEXT (manga)
To be held March ??, 2015

SheVaCon 22
To be held March ??, 2015
Roanoke, VA

Anime Boston 2015 (anime)
To be held April 3-5, 2015
Boston, MA

Ad-Astra 2015
To be held April 4-6, 2015
Toronto, ON

Maelstrom 2015 (gaming)
To be held April 10-12, 2015
Morristown, NJ

221B Con (Sherlock Holmes)
To be held April 10-12, 2015
Atlanta, GA

East Coast Comicon
To be held April 11-12, 2015
Meadowlands, NJ

Star Wars Celebration
To be held April 16-19, 2015
Anaheim, CA

JordanCon (Robert Jordon)
To be held April 17-19, 2015
Roswell, GA

Tora-Con (Anime)
To be held April 18-19, 2015
Rochester, NY

RavenCon 2015
To be held April 24-26, 2014
Richmond, VA

TrekTrax (Star Trek)
To be held April 24-26, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Tanoshiicon 2014 (manga, anime, tea party)
To be held April 25, 2015
Chester, PA

ChaseCon Expo (media, cosplay, gaming)
To be held April 25, 2015
Saratoga, NY

Eastern Shore Fan Con (one day, anime, comics, cosplay, video games) Facebook
To be held April ??, 2015
Princess Anne, MD

NYC 19th Century Extravaganza
Facebook for other events
To be held April ??, 2015

Chiller Theater (media)
To be held April ??, 2015
Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany, NJ

Official Star Trek Con (Creation Con)
To be held April ??, 2015
Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ

National Haunters Convention 2015
To be held May 1-3, 2015
Greater Philadephia Expo Center at Oaks
Oaks, PA

Philadelphia Comic Con (Wizard World)
To be held May 7-10, 2015
Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Albacon 2014 ½
May 8-10, 2015
Albany, NY

Costume-Con 33
"Buccaneers Belles & Bootleggers"
May 15-18, 2015
Inn Place Airport Hotel
Charleston, SC
Great costume convention, Y'all!

Sci-Fi in the Valley Con
To be held May 15-17, 2015
Altoona, PA

Steampunk World's Fair
(Steampunk Empire - a site to find other events everywhere and people!)
To be held May 15-17, 2015
Radisson of Piscataway, Piscataway, NJ

MISTI-Con (Harry Potter)
To be held May 21-25, 2015
The Margate on Winnipesaukee
76 Lake Street in Laconia, NH 03246

Anime North
To be held May 22-24, 2015
Toronto, Canada
Anime North is an ICG International Convention!

Balticon 49
To be held May 22-25, 2015
Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn
Baltimore, MD

Timegate (Dr. Who and Stargate etc)
To be held May 22-25, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Awesome Con (media, comics, anime, gaming)
To be held May 29-31, 2015
Washington DC

New Jersey Renaissance Fair
To be held May 23-24, 30-31 and June 6-7, 2015
Bordentown, NJ

EerieCon 17
To be held May ??, 2015
Niagara Falls, NY

Clovercon (one day, anime)
To be held May ??, 2015
Bridgewater, NJ

Watch City Festival
May ??, 2015
Waltham, MA

To be held June 12-14, 2015
Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset NJ

Anime Mid-Atlantic 15 (anime)
To be held June 19-21, 2015
Chesapeake, VA

Capital Con DC
To be held June 19-21, 2015
Washington, DC

PortConMaine 2015
To be held June 25-28, 2015
South Portland, Maine

ShinkouCon (Anime, cosplay)
To be held June 26-28, 2015
Secaucus, NJ

Museum Mile Festival
To be held June ??, 2015 from 6pm - 9pm
Nine major museums along Fifth Avenue from 82nd Street to 105th Street
(basically, from the Met to El Museo del Barrio) are open late with free
admission. Fifth Avenue is closed to traffic; there are street perfor mers,
artists, food vendors, etc. Fifth Avenue from 82nd Street to 105th Street, NYC NY

Official Star Trek Con (Creation Con)
To be held June ??, 2015
Boston, MA

New York City Experience (comics, media)
To be held June ??, 2015

I-Con 2015
To be held ??, 2015
??, NY

Dexcon 17 (gaming)
To be held July 1-5, 2015
Morristown, NJ

ConnectiCon (anime)
To be held July 9-12, 2015
Hartford, CT

Official "The Vampire Diaries" Con (Creation Con)
To be held July 10-12, 2015
Parsippany, NJ

Otacon 2015 (anime)
To be held July 24-26, 2015
Baltimore, MD

To be held July 31 - August 2, 2015
Enfield, CT

2nd Annual NYC Steampunk Weekend (various events check website for locations)
Absinthe Heroes and Voltaire – NYC Steampunk Musical
To be held July ??, 2015
NYC and Brooklyn, NY

Ryu-Kon (anime, gaming, steampunk theme)
To be held July ??, 2015
Niagara Falls, NY

Confluence 2015 (PARSEC organizers)
To be held July ??, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA

Pennsic War 44 (SCA Event)
To be held July ??-August ??, 2015
Cooper's Lake Slippery Rock, PA

Chibi G-Anime (anime)
To be held July ??, 2015
Palais de Congres, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Costume College (Facebook)
To be held July ??-August ??, 2015
Woodland Hills, CA

Shore Leave
To be held August 7 - 9, 2015
Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Baltimore, MD

BronyCon (My Little Pony)
To be held August 7 - 9, 2015
Baltimore, MD

North American Discworld Convention 2015
Facebook Page
ANNOUNCEMENT - NADC will be part of the Worldcon Sasquan
To be held August 19-23, 2015
Spokane, WA

"Sasquan" The 73rd World Science Fiction Convention 2015
To be held August 19-23, 2015
Spokane, WA

Star Fleet International Conference 2015 (Star Trek)
To be held August 21-23, 2015
Niagara Falls, NY

Boston Comic Con (Media, comics, Anime)
To be held August ??, 2015
Boston, MA

ComiCONN (comics, anime and SF Collectibles)
To be held August ??, 2015
Bridgeport, CT

Monster-Mania Con 28 (horror, media)
To be held August ??, 2015
Cherry Hill, NJ

In-CON-Ceivable 2014 (comics, gaming, media, costuming, comedy)
To be held August ??, 2015
Northampton, MA

Otakuthon (anime)
To be held ??, 2015
Montreal, QB, Canada

DragonCon (multi-Genre, costuming)
To be held September 4 - 7, 2015
Atlanta, GA
Tons of Costuming!

Salute to "Supernatural" (Creation Convention)
To be held September ??, 2015
The Hanover Marriott Hotel
Whippany, NJ

World Fantasy Con 2015 (literary)
November 5-8, 2015
Saratoga Springs NY


Upcoming Worldcon Info
MidAmeriCon - 74st World Science Fiction Convention
To be held August 17-21, 2016
Kansas City, MO

International Discworld Convention (Discworld)
To be held August ??, 2016
Manchester, UK

Upcoming Worldcon Info
LonCon 3 - 72st World Science Fiction Convention
To be held August 14-18, 2014
ExCel, London Docklands, UK

Local Exhibits

Winterthur-Museum, Garden & Library
5105 Kennett Pike (Route 52)
Winterthur, DE 19735

"Costumes of Downton Abbey"
Costumes of Downton Abbey is an original exhibition of designs from the award-winning
television series. Approximately 35 historically accurate costumes from the television
show will be displayed in Winterthur's largest gallery space.
To be held March 1, 2014–January 4, 2015

Past Exhibits:
Online Museum


Connecticut Historical Society
1 Elizabeth St
Hartford CT 06105

"Katherine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen"
To be held April 11 to September 13, 2014


African American Museum in Philadelphia
701 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA

Past Exhibits:
An article about "Come See About Me: The Mary Wilson Supremes Collection"
Some pictures from :"Come See About Me: The Mary Wilson Supremes Collection"


City of New York Museum
1220 Fifth Avenue (at 103rd Street)
New York, NY 10029

"Gilded New York"
Inaugurating the Museum’s Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery, Gilded New York explores the
city’s visual culture at the end of the 19th century, when its elite class flaunted their
money as never before.  The exhibition presents a lavish display of some 100 works, including costumes, jewelry,
portraits, and decorative objects, all created between the mid-1870s and the early 20th century.
To be held November 13 - Ongoing

Past Exhibits:
"Norman Bel Geddes: I Have Seen the Future"
"Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced"


Bard Graduate Center Gallery
18 West 86th Street
Between Central Park West and Columbus Ave.
New York City, NY

"Waterweavers: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture"
To be held April 11 to August 10, 2014

"Carrying Coca: 1,500 Years of Andean Chuspas"
To be held April 11 to August 3, 2014

Past Exhibits:
"An American Style: Global Sources for New York Textile and Fashion Design, 1915–1928"
"William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain"
"Confluences: An American Expedition to Northern Burma, 1935"
Circus and the City: New York, 1793-2010
Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones


Fashion Institute of Technology
Seventh Avenue at 27 Street, NYC, NY
Calender of events and speakers
Listing of world wide exhibits

"Art & Design Graduating Student Exhibition 2014"
This show presents the work of more than 800 students receiving AAS and BFA degrees from
the School of Art & Design and is on view throughout the main floors of the Marvin Feldman Center,
the Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, the Shirley Goodman Resource Center,
and the John E. Reeves Great Hall..
May 7 - 22, 2014

"Exposed: A History of Lingerie"
Examines intimate apparel from the mid-eighteenth century to the present, featuring over sixty objects
from the Museum’s permanent collection.
June 3, 2014 - November 15, 2014

"Dance and Fashion"
The focus of this exhibition, organized by Valerie Steele, is on ballet and modern dance,
but other dance forms, such as tango, flamenco, and stepping are featured.
September 13, 2014 - January 3, 2015

Visit Their Online Exhibit Galleries:
Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s
Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning the Biker Jacket
All Past Exhibits
A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk
Shoe Obsession
Boots: The Height of Fashion
Fashion & Technology
Ivy Style
Fashion, A-Z: Highlights from the Collection of the Museum at FIT, Part One
Fashion, A-Z: Highlights from the Collection of the Museum at FIT, Part Two
Youthquake! The 1960s Fashion Revolution
IMPACT: 50 Years of the CFDA
Daphne Guinness
"Japan Fashion Now" will be the first exhibition to explore how Japanese fashion
Vivienne Westwood 1980-89
"His and Hers" examples from 250 years of fashion


Discovery Museum Exhibit:
Discovery Times Square Exposition
226 West 44th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave), NYC, NY

"The Bricks are Back - Legos"
February 14, 2014 - ??

"Body Worlds: Pulse"
June 2013 - ??

"Marvel's AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N."
May 23 2014 - ??

Past Exhibits:
The Art of the Brick - Legos
Harry Potter Exhibit
Terra Cotta Warriors
CSI Exhibit


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

"Quilts and Color: The Pilgrim/Roy Collection"
celebrates the vibrant color palette and inventive design seen in the acclaimed Pilgrim/Roy Quilt Collection.
To be held April 6, 2014 - July 27, 2014

"Gold and the Gods - Jewels of Ancient Nubia"
This dazzling exhibition focuses on the Museum’s world-class collection of jewelry from Ancient Nubia
(located in what is now Sudan). The Nubian adornments housed at the MFA constitute the most comprehensive
collection outside Khartoum.
To be held July 19, 2013 - May 14, 2017

"Hollywood Glamour - Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen"
"Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen” presents designer gowns and exquisite jewelry
from the 1930s and ‘40s—the most glamorous years of Hollywood film."
To be held September 9, 2014 - March 8, 2015

and more
Past Exhibits:
Think Pink
Jewels, Gems, and Treasures Ancient to Modern
John Singer Sargent Watercolors
Hippie Chic
Samurai! Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection
Embroideries of Colonial Boston
Beauty as Duty: Textiles and the Home Front in WWII Britain
Scaasi: American Couturier


The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street)
New York, NY 10028

"Unique by Design: Studio Jewelry in the Donna Schneier Collection"
Modern and Contemporary Art, 1st floor.
"The approximately 100 pieces of international contemporary jewelry on view in this exhibition date
from the 1960s to the present and are from the Donna Schneier Collection, given to the Metropolitan
in 2007 and 2013. The period in focus saw dramatic change in jewelry making. Jewelers broke with
tradition and began aligning their works within larger artistic movements, such as abstraction
andconceptualism, and became interested in new materials and forms. Among the collection's 88 artists
are modern master jewelers as well as avant-garde jewelry makers, all of whom have contributed to the
contemporary jewelry movement of today."
May 13, 2014 - August 31, 2014

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion"
The inaugural exhibition of the newly renovated Costume Institute will examine the career
of the legendary twentieth-century Anglo-American couturier Charles James (1906–1978).
It will explore James's design process, focusing on his use of sculptural, scientific, and
mathematical approaches to construct revolutionary ball gowns and innovative tailoring that
continue to influence designers today.
May 8, 2014 - August 10, 2014

"Death Becomes Her - A Century of Mourning Attire"
This Costume Institute exhibition will explore the aesthetic development and cultural implications
of mourning fashions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
October 21, 2014 - February 1, 2015

"Fabergé from the Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation Collection"
November 22, 2011 - Long Term

...and more

Past Exhibits:
"Radiant Light - Stained Glass from Canterbury Cathedral"
"Jewels by JAR"
"Silla Korea's Golden Kingdom"
"Furniture by Abraham and David Roentgen on loan from the Kunstgewerbemuseum,
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin"

"Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim"
"Interwoven Globe The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500–1800"
PUNK: Chaos to Couture
Search for the Unicorn
Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity
Turkmen Jewelry from the Collection of Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf
Gems of European Lace, ca. 1600–1920
Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations
Bellini, Titian and Lotto: North Italian Paintings from the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo
Tibetan Arms and Armor from the Permanent Collection
The Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini
Art in Renaissance Venice 1400-1515
Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

And many more Exhibits here and the Cloisters
check out clothing from the previous exhibit:
American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity the modern American woman from 1890 to 1940
Look here to find the Collection Database


The Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY

"Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe"
The Brooklyn Museum is the only East Coast venue for The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier:
From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, the first international exhibition dedicated to the
groundbreaking French couturier.
September 10, 2014–February 15, 2015

Past Exhibits:
"Exhibitions: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk"
Exhibitions: "Workt by Hand": Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts


The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
You can enjoy Walking through the park and greenhouses.

Past Exhibits:
"Knit, Purl, Sow"
Knit, Purl, Sow brings together textile and knitting artists in an exhibit


Philadelphia Museum of Art:
Main building: 26th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA 19130
Perelman building: Fairmount and Pennsylvania Avenues Philadelphia, PA 19130

"Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love"
Runway of Love will be an expansive retrospective showcasing some eighty ensembles that
were recently presented to the Museum as a promised gift by Kelly’s business and life
partner, Bjorn Guil Amelan, and Bill T. Jones.
April 27, 2014 - November 30, 2014

"Gerlan Jeans Loves Patrick Kelly"
The legacy of the late African American fashion designer Patrick Kelly (c. 1954–1990)
endures in the whimsical street-wear brand Gerlan Jeans. Launched in 2009 by New York–based
designer and graphic artist Gerlan Marcel (born 1976), Gerlan Jeans reinterprets Kelly’s signature
bows, buttons, and other bold embellishments to create clothes for men and women “who have a sense
of fearlessness in the way they dress.”.
April 27, 2014 - November 30, 2014

"Silver and Gold Fashions since 1960"
(Costume and Textiles Study Gallery)
Explore this presentation of glamorous and glittering dresses and accessories that utilize metallics
in fashion-forward ways. See how designers Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Cardin,
Geoffrey Beene, Paco Rabanne, Rudi Gernreich, and others have used sparkling fabrics, embroidery,
sequins, beads, and linked rings to put a twinkle in your eye..

"Vermeer’s Young Woman Seated at a Virginal"
Vermeer painted less than forty pictures during his career and this one, Young Woman Seated at a Virginal,
is believed to be one of his last. It is also the only remaining canvas by this great Dutch master to be in
private hands.

Past Exhibits:
All Dressed Up: Fashions For Children and Their Families
CandyCoated Wonderland
Ronaldus Shamask: Form, Fashion, Reflection
Tailoring Philadelphia: Tradition and Innovation in Menswear
Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion
The Peacock Male: Exuberance and Extremes in Masculine Dress
Shopping in Paris: French Fashion 1850–1925


DAR Museum
1776 D St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20006
"Creating the Ideal Home, 1800-1939: Comfort and Convenience in America"
Over sixty objects dating from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries will be on exhibit
showing the “latest” devices that no one could live without. In the final analysis, however, did these
devices actually save time or did they create more work?
February 15th 2014 to August 30, 2014

"Eye on Elegance: Early Quilts of Maryland and Virginia"
October 3, 2014 – August 30, 2015

"Treasures Of the DAR Museum"
October 3, 2015 – August 30, 2016

Past Exhibits:
"Fashioning the New Woman: 1890-1925"


Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens
4155 Linnean Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20008

"Cartier - Marjorie Merriweather Post"
One of Cartier’s most important and enduring clients, Marjorie Merriweather Post commissioned some
of the most exquisite jewelry sets, fashionable accessories, and finely-crafted jeweled frames
of any American collector.
June 7th 2014 to December 31st 2014

"Splendor and Surprise: Elegant Containers, Antique to Modern"
Explore the beauty and myriad functions of vessels. Discover the rich history of the box, from the enshrinement
of sacred relics to receptacles for tobacco or makeup.
February 15th 2015 to June 7th 2015

Past Exhibits:
"Passion of the Empress: Catherine the Great's Art Patronage"
Pageant of the Tsars - The Romanov Coronation Album
Pret - A _Papier: The Exquisite Art of Isabelle De Borchgrave
Wedding Belles


The Textile Museum
Check here for the many current textile exhibits
2320 S St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20008


National Geographic Society Museum
1145 17th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Past Exhibits:
Real Pirates
Samurai: The Warrior Transformed
Anglo-Saxon Hoard: Gold from England’s Dark Ages


James A. Michener Art Museum
138 South Pine St
Doylestown, PA

"Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography"
Among the first major exhibitions treating astrophotography as an art genre and presents new scholarship
in this rapidly-evolving field. The exhibition features more than 100 images by 35 artists from around the
world, including Michael Benson, Linda Connor, Robert Gendler, Sharon Harper, David Malin, Thomas Ruff,
Hans-Christian Schink, Alfred Stieglitz, and Jacqueline Woods.
October 28, 2013 - January 26, 2014

Past Exhibits:
"From Philadelphia to Monaco: GRACE KELLY Beyond the Icon"
Offering of the Angels: Treasures from the Uffizi Gallery
Quilt Art: International Expressions
Icons of Costume: Hollywood's Golden Era and Beyond


Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
310 Genesee Street
Utica, New York

"The Golden Age of European Painting"
Dramatic portraits, detailed scenes of everyday life, religious paintings, landscapes,
still lifes, and themes from classical antiquity are featured in The Golden Age of
European Painting. The exhibition includes more than 70 major paintings by European masters
such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Tiepolo, Gainsborough, Hogarth, and others.
June 14 - September 14, 2014
"Butterflies, Geishas, and Dragons
The Arts and Influence of Japan"

The Museum of Art showcases the rich influence of Japanese art and culture on European
and American decorative and fine arts.
April 11 - September 28, 2014


The Morgan Library and Museum
225 Madison Ave
36th Street, NYC, NY

"Miracles in Miniature: The Art of the Master of Claude de France"
The Master of Claude de France was one of the last great French illuminators. His was a fine and delicate style,
characterized by the use of subtle lilacs, mauves and roses, juxtaposed with chartreuse and royal blue—all
applied in tiny, almost invisible brushstrokes. The Claude Master flourished in Tours (in the Loire valley) for
only about twelve years (ca. 1508-1520), leaving behind a small but exceptional oeuvre.
May 30, 2014 - September 14, 2014

"Marks of Genius: Treasures of the Bodleian Library"
Marks of Genius presents some of the greatest achievements of human creativity, from the beginning of recorded information
up to the industrial era, as preserved in the incomparable collections of Oxford University's Bodleian Library. The exhibition
features approximately sixty rare and exceptional objects from diverse disciplines that serve as points of departure for exploring
some of the fundamental meanings of genius...including J.R.R. Tolkien's drawings for the Hobbit and Mary Shelley's Manuscript draft of "Frankenstein"
June 6, 2014 - September 14, 2014

Online Exhibit:
The Little Prince: A New York Story
Leonardo da Vinci: Treasures from the Biblioteca Reale, Turin
Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands


Penn Museum
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
3260 South Street, Philadelphia, PA.


Liberty Hall Museum at Kean University
1003 Morris Ave.
Union, NJ 07083


Liberty Science Center
Liberty Science Center
Jersey City, NJ
Past Exhibits:
Avatar: The Exhibition


Stickley Museum:
Route 10 West at Manor Lane
Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
Past Exhibits:
Styling an American Family: The 1910s at Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Farms
Some Pictures from Styling an American Family (and more)
An article about the show
(Highly recommended by the Pups!


New York Public Library
40 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York City, NY

"The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter"
Through a dynamic array of objects and activities, the exhibition celebrates the extraordinary
richness, artistry, and diversity of children’s literature across cultures and time.
Now - September 7, 2014

Past Exhibits:
Katherine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen
"Katherine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen," an exhibition of Katherine Hepburn's costumes,
at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. It includes 40 of her costumes.


Folk Art Museum
2 Lincoln Square (across from Lincoln Center)
New York, NY

Recent exhibit:
Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art
Ooh, Shiny
Foiled: Tinsel Painting in America
Jubilation/Rumination: Life, Real and Imagined
Super Stars - Quilts from the American Folk Art Museum


Check for other locations
HBO: Game of Thrones Exhibit


Beyond our Region Exhibits

Fashion Institute of Technology
Seventh Avenue at 27 Street, NYC, NY
Listing of world wide exhibits

Harry Potter Exhibit
Really stellar exhibit of props and costumes from the movies
Nya Parken
Norrkoping, Sweden
May 29 - September 7, 2014


Museum of Fine Arts
1380, Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal (Quebec) H3G 1J5 Canada

"Faberge Jeweller to the Tsars"
Russian jeweler Carl Fabergé (1846-1920) creates valuables for Czars Alexander III and Nicolas II.
Synonymous with refined craftsmanship in luxury jewelry
June 7, 2014 - October 5, 2014

Past Exhibits:
"Comics at the Museum
15 artists from La Pastèque reinterpret the collection"

"Splendore a Venezia
Art and Music from the Renaissance to Baroquein the Serenissima"

Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon - Identities and conquests in times ancient, colonial and modern


Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

"Wedding Dresses 1775-2014"
This exhibition will trace the development of the fashionable white wedding dress and its treatment
by key fashion designers such as Charles Frederick Worth, Norman Hartnell, Charles James, John Galliano,
Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang offering a panorama of fashion over the last two
3 May 2014 – 15 March 2015

"The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - 2014"
A comprehensive look at Italian Fashion from the end of the Second World War to the present day.
The story will be explored through the key individuals and organisations that have contributed to
Italy's reputation for quality and style.
5 April - 27 July 2014, 2014

"Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty"
a comprehensive look at Italian fashion from the end of the Second World War
to the present day.
14 March – 19 July 2015

And More...

Past Exhibits:
Exhibition – Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s
Treasures of the Royal Courts - Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars
Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950
Hollywood Costume
SEE slide show here: V&A Hollywood Costumes


The Museum of Costume at Bath
Bennett St.
Bath, England
Look for more excellent past exhibits on their website!

"GEORGIANS: 18th century dress for polite society"
The new exhibition will present a selection of the finest fashions worn by those attending Assemblies,
and other glittering occasions of 18th century life.
January 25 - January 1, 2015

David Sassoon: A Life in Fashion
In 2011 British fashion designer David Sassoon donated his archive of hundreds of fashion drawings from the late 1950s
to the 2000s to the Fashion Museum in Bath...Twenty five choice evening dresses have been assembled by Mr Sassoon,...A centre
piece of the display in Bath will be three ensembles designed by Bellville Sassoon for Diana, Princess of Wales, including
the cantaloupe melon silk ‘going-away’ outfit, that she wore as a young bride in July 1981.
January 25 - January 1, 2015

"The Great War in Costume"
World War I changed women’s life forever; in terms of status, class, position and what was acceptable
for a woman to wear. Fashion changed with the innovation of women being required to do men’s work.
19 July - 31 August 2014

Past Exhibits:
Behind the Scenes at the Museum - The Historic Collection
50 Fabulous Frocks!
Laura Ashley: The Romantic Heroine
Sport and Fashion
Jubilee: A Celebration of British Monarchy on Stage and Screen

Craft/Quilt Shows

The Innovative Beads Expos
July 12-13 Edison, NJ
July 19-20 Clarksville, MD
July 26-27 Fishkill, NY
August 2-3 Concord, NH
September 13-14 Rochester, NY
September 19-21 Marlborough, MA
October 11-12 Edison, NJ
October 18-19 Clarksville, MD
October 25-26 Albany, NY
November 1-2 Fishkill, NY
November 7-9 Marlborough, MA
November 15-16 Secaucus, NJ
Go to the website for details! They have shows in NY, PA, MA, NH and NJ

ALL Stitches Conventions
Stitches East
Stitches East is October 12-13, 2014
While aimed mostly for knitting and crochet, you can find information
about felting and dyeing there as well.
Connecticut Convention Center,
Hartford Downtown Marriott, Hartford CT

All Quilt Fests

World Quilt Show - New England XI
August 14-17, 2014
Manchester, New Hampshire

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XIX
September 18-21, 2014
Philadelphia, PA

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXV
February 26- March 1, 2015
Hampton, Virginia

Quilt Fest of New Jersey X
March 5-8, 2015
Somerset, NJ

Some past event links to look for pictures and inspiration:

2011: Renovation,
the 69th World Science Fiction Convention

Reno, Nevada,USA
Check link for results of Hugo Awards and the Masquerade
the official pictures are here Richard Mann.

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